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Weekly Workout Rundown

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  • 20 min circuit-style workout with friend at lunch
  • 45 min Zumba class after work
  • 40 min run before work
  • 15 min walk to work
  • 35 min interval run before work
  • 20 min circuit-style workout with friend at lunch
  • 20 min Shiva Rae Daily Energy yoga after work
  • 45 min interval run before work
  • 60 min long run in AM
  • 35 min strength workout
  • Rest
This week I was able to squeeze in a short burst of yoga on one of my typically “rest” days. I like to think of this as “active rest.” As I stated last week, I have a standing goal to include more yoga into my weekly rotation. This week–mission accomplished!
I have also been regularly running on Saturday mornings lately. I’m trying to increase my pace and potentially shave time off of my 5k PR. Hubster and I have our annual 5k date coming up, so I want to see if I can push even harder this year. We’re even signing our Peanut up for the associated kids’ run. My own little posse of runners…I love it!
What does your typical week look like?
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