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Vintage Running Clothes

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I love this little article over at The Sew Weekly about vintage running clothes. I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately too. All the new moisture wicking running clothes, which really is an emerging field of apparel, looks very contemporary. A few coworkers and I were discussing the amount of “pink” we all have in our running wardrobes, because that color seems to be pretty prevalent in the workout clothes department. Along with pink, gray, black and aqua blue seem to hold the highest rank. The cuts and styles are all very similar as well. Curating a personal athletic style is almost impossible because the apparel choices for the everyday female runner are slim.

And vintage running clothes? Forget about it! Not that we’d want to wear vintage running clothes, because of their outdated/non-existent athletic technology. The shoes especially were quite inept by today’s standards. But I’d sure love for someone–or even myself–to design some cute vintage-inspired, moisture-wicking, sun-blocking, anti-static garments with cute little flower prints on them. Is that asking too much? Maybe for now it is. But I can see it coming. Tell them you saw it here first.

Ok, maybe Nike already thought of it. Of course they did! This little pamphlet is a hoot. Check it out.

Well, at least we’re not required by a phallocentric bureaucracy to wear dresses! Am I right?

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