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Vintage Flower Theme Around My House

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I’ve noticed that I have a vintage flower theme going on in my house. I just love the petite fragile flowers in hearty shades of pink and red. Here is a little peek:


This is a set of three antique postcards standing along the ridge of my cupboard.


I found this giant flower at the local pharmacy of all places. It was on clearance for like $2.50. I have it hanging between two art pictures on my dining room wall.


This is a pretty vintage flower print on a closet door in our room. I’m not usually a fan of wallpaper, but just this tiny little snippet of it on a tiny little door was just enough. The door needed some TLC and this was an easy and charming fix.


Here’s a little trivet I picked up at a flea market that I keep on the dining room table:


My mom bought me this set of adorable jars at an antique stores. I still don’t have anything inside of them. I just like to look at the little pretties:


And finally, a thrifted botanical print that hangs over the stove:


Of course, there’s a lot more where that came from. Perhaps I’ll do another post with even more flora.

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