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Small Changes for Healthy Living

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I just participated in an informational post about small changes for health and metabolism with Elysium Health. They put together this fabulous infographic with our contributions.

When I think about simplifying the terms of healthy living like this, I’m reminded of Michael Polan’s book, Food Rules.

Those food rules?

Eat food.

Not too much.

Mostly plants.


Those rules cover everything, very simply. However, in those words lay entire encyclopedias’ worth of information.


Similarly, the reminder in this post is to:

  • Eat healthy
  • Get enough sleep
  • Exercise


Those three simple steps can improve your metabolism beyond measure.

However, you have to do them. Regularly. And smartly.

And the rules themselves look easy, while we make such difficulty out of practicing them.


This infographic is a great way to put our goals into perspective as we head into a new year.

Instead of expecting ourselves to follow through with drastic changes, we should really be more realistic and make advances toward better health in small increments.

Add a few SMART parameters around them, and you should be all set.

Good luck to you!


What healthy changes have you planned for 2018?