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3 Tricks To Skyrocket Your Freelance Pitch Conversion Rate

cold freelance pitch conversion


Hey #flashers,

If you’ve been sending out cold pitches to freelance prospects like crazy and getting crickets…

Today, I’m going to share the three things I’ve noticed help massively convert pitches I send out to clients.

You have two choices when you send out freelance writing pitches:

  1. Send them out, cross your fingers, and wait for people to get back to you.
  2. Be proactive about making your freelance pitches convert for you.


You’re going with Door #2, right?

Good, let’s see what’s behind that door than, shall we?


By the way, if you don’t want to read all of this, you can skip to the bottom and watch the video version;)

3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Freelance Pitch Conversion Rate

#1: The Follow-Up

So, I always write down the date I contact prospects on my pitch tracker (get it free here). Then, sometime between two weeks and a month later, I make sure I follow up with each and every one of them. I just send them a quick “Hey, I was wondering if you had a chance to consider my offer” email with the original email below it to jog their memory.

If I don’t hear from them on the second try, I follow up again. I follow up at least three times before moving on. And even then, I still leave the client “open” on my pitch tracker. Unless I hear a firm “no,” which never happens, I leave them open. You just never know.

You never know when a prospect might need you down the line, and they’re going to think “Hey, I remember a freelance writer approaching me awhile ago. Let me see if I can track them down.”

Remember, no reply doesn’t mean no. It could mean the prospect is busy, they’re considering your offer, your offer went to their spam box, or a million other scenarios. Following up doesn’t mean you’re bugging them either.

Following up increases the chances of hearing back.

It puts you back on your prospects’ radars.

It shows prospects you’re not a spammer. Spammers don’t follow up.

Following up is one of the ways I get major traction from my freelance pitches. If you want to learn from a successful freelance writer, it would serve you well to follow up;)


#2: Be Quicker

What the heck do I mean by being quicker? You already try to whip words together at the speed of light.

What I mean by being quicker is to respond to people’s requests or inquiries immediately.

If people inquire about your freelance services, make sure you get back to them within 24 hours. They have likely reached out to multiple people and will show favoritism toward those who get back to them first.

Now, I’ve had some major learning experiences with this. Learn from my mistakes!

One lady was referred to me through a big-name freelance writer. I got back to her right away and she said “let me know a good time to chat.” Well, I let it go for a few days and by the time I got back to her, she had already found someone else. I could kick myself!

Whenever you apply for a project on sites like Problogger [LINK] or Freelance Writing Gigs [LINK], you need to send your pitch immediately. These hunters get hundreds of replies. One of the ways to stand out is to be one of the first. After a day or two, you might as well not even apply.

Be responsive to your prospects and your pitches. This strategy should be a personal rule of yours.


#3: Add Personality to Your Pitches

People are so sick of salesy, boring, unpersonalized, or templated pitches.

They make your prospects’ eyes glaze over. They make your prospects wonder if you’re really even a good writer if you can’t even make your pitches a little bit interesting.

You’re a writer. Your pitches are one of the best places to showcase that writing talent, for crying out loud!

Give your pitches some personality!

What I mean by that is, put some energy and passion into your pitches. One recent example I can use is a pitch in which I admitted the “fire in my belly” for the clients’ subject matter and spoke to him like a human. He was impressed with the pitch and chose me over myriads of others because of the personality I allowed to shine through.

People can hear excitement in your pitches. Let them know you resonate with their subject matter. You don’t need to be unprofessional to exude that energy either.



Well, that’s it for today’s post on getting your freelance pitches to convert!

Let me tell you, if you use even ONE of these tactics for your next batch of freelance pitches, you’re going to notice way more replies. Use all three, and you’ll notice major changes in the way your pitches convert.

At least, that’s been my experience…


I just posted a video about this subject on my Youtube Channel. Make sure you subscribe to my channel to make sure you catch all my videos when they go live.

Want to learn more about pitching clients and building your freelance portfolio? Check out my free 7-day series, Freelance Freedom From Corporate.

How about you?

Are you going to give these strategies a shot? If you do, I’d love to hear about it in the comments.
If you already use these strategies, what are some other ways you use to land more freelance writing clients? I’ll meet you in the comments!

Tone It Up Bikini Series Printable

The Tone It Up Bikini Series always gives me butterflies in my stomach. To me, it means the countdown to summer is on! My body gets a “refresh.” Social media explodes with TIU motivation. The prospect of making fitness fun with friends as we all prepare for summer always gets to me!

Because I love you, I put together a Tone It Up Bikini Series Printable pack for you. Fo’ free.

If you’re a Type-A binder-keeping personality like me, you’ll have these three-hole punched and organized into a binder along with your Starter Pack and any other delicious printables you might have. Enjoy.


Also, come over and find me on Instagram @Jess_Flashfit so we can be Bikini Series buds. I’ll follow back;)


What the Tone It Up Bikini Series Printable includes:

  • 8-Week Workout Planner for the series. The workouts are written in the meal plan. Just write them on the calendar and hang the on your fridge to see what’s next!
  • Daily TIU checklist. If you’re a nutrition plan member, you’ll know what the Bombshell Spell and Bootycall mean;)
  • 150 and 100 By Summer Checklists. Track your mileage for the Bikini Series. You can shoot for either 100 or 150 miles by the first day of summer. I made a tracker for both!
  • Bikini Series goal and reward sheet. Make sure you list SMART goals, ladies!
  • Summer Bucket List: list all the things you’re looking forward to doing this summer. Dream away!
  • Meal planning sheet with accompanying grocery list: I like to plan out all meals for the week (because I tend to tweak the plan a bit). As I’m writing the meals out, I put the ingredients I’ll need to get on the shopping list right away.
  • Measurement tracker: take your measurements on Day One and then watch in bewilderment what your measurements are on the last day. Weight isn’t the only story. You’ll see progress in inches lost, even when the scale doesn’t budge.


*After entering your name and email address in the form, the second page will give you a link to the printable. Copy that link and paste it into a new browser to access the PDF.


P.S. Didya know I’m a certified personal trainer and fitness writer? You’ll want to make sure you come back here for more motivation and fitness insight. You might like my Budget Fitness ebook if you’re tight on funds.


Just another way to be…

~Better Every Day


How about you…

What are you looking forward to the most with the 2017 TIU Bikini Series?

5 Little-Known Facts About Pilates

Today I am happy to introduce you to my friend and fellow writer Becky Kay. She is a long-time Pilates instructor, so she has a deep appreciation for the intricacies of the practice. In this article, she discusses a few of these intricacies so you can appreciate them too! 

Over to you, Becky!


Interesting pilates facts

Pilates is not new on the exercise scene—not by any means. It’s been around much longer than most people are aware (we’ll get into that later). But a lot of people still don’t really understand what it is or what it does for the body.

I have been instructing Pilates for over eight years and I still get questions like “does Pilates work your abs at all?”. If I’m feeling feisty, I say “no, not at all”.

If I’m being honest, I say that it is one of the most ab intensive exercise methods out there because the focus is on the core of the body which is defined as your rib cage down to your mid thigh—top to bottom and front to back.

Despite its long history Pilates is a new and daunting idea to a lot of people. The lack of Pilates knowledge and know-how prevents a lot of folks from reaping the many benefits Pilates has to offer.

Allow me to shed some light on the amazing exercise discipline called Pilates!


1. Pilates Originated in Germany during World War I

The inventor of Pilates, Joseph Pilates, was quite an interesting character! He spent his childhood in a sick, frail body. As a young man he became passionate about physical fitness as a means to strengthen his body and transform it into a strong machine.

Image result for joseph pilates


Pilates became a student of many physical fitness disciplines to strengthen his body and build up his health. He was hugely successful! He boasted skills in gymnastics, karate and boxing. He even was a circus performer at one point!

Around the time of WWI, he had developed such an effective method of exercise that he began to make a name for himself. His help was even sought to train soldiers. He declined because he was a pacifist and wished to stay out of wartime activity.

Eventually Pilates found himself in a war prisoner camp but, instead of wasting away, he became stronger and healthier. He began training his fellow prisoners and they, too, became strong and resistant to disease that was claiming lives all around them. He gained much attention due to this phenomenon and actually ended up training prison guards. Pretty crazy, huh?


2. Pilates Is Not Just for Women

So often I hear people complain about various aches and pains. From my experience as a former hip and back pain sufferer, I know that Pilates can be instrumental in relieving chronic pain so I often suggest trying Pilates as a method of pain relief.

Many of these conversations are with guys.

Sometimes it’s my brothers. Sometimes it’s my husband’s friends. But the response is almost always the same: they poo poo the idea of Pilates claiming that it’s ”for girls”. Oh, the insanity! Actually, in my class, we have a pretty even mix of men and women. Sometimes the guys even outnumber the gals!

Men and women alike can reap amazing benefits from Pilates because, let’s face it, most of us live a more sedentary life than is ideal. We all get a little stiff or even notice muscular weakness as we get older. The great news is that there is a lot we can do to combat this. Pilates is a great choice!

Image result for pilates men

Source: An article about why men should do Pilates

Even though men and women are put together a little differently, all the main parts are there—arms, legs, abs, back…you get the picture. Because Pilates primarily stretches and strengthens the muscles of the core, both genders can experience significant changes in strength, tone and flexibility. These physical changes can be dramatic and rapid if Pilates is practiced regularly.

While women love the aesthetic benefits of Pilates, men often take the class to improve in other sports. Some of the regular attenders of my class are avid runners, bikers, golfers and weight-lifters. They range in age from mid-twenties all the way up to one very fit gentleman who just turned 70. He can put many younger newcomers to the class to shame!


3. Pilates Supports the Back in Ways Other Exercises Cannot

One of my absolute favorite aspects of Pilates is how it builds and supports a strong back. There are several ways this is accomplished. First, we already talked about how Pilates works to strengthen the abdominal muscles. This, in itself, helps to support the back and keep the spine aligned and healthy.

Add to that the fact that a good class will also focus almost equally on the back side of the body and you now have a nice, strong girdle of protection surrounding your spine. How great is that?

But, that’s not where the good news ends. There is a series within Pilates called the side kick series. Each instructor does it slightly differently and may even call it by a different name but it is always present in a classic mat Pilates class. Each leg is worked, one at a time, in a series of movements designed to strengthen and stretch the small muscles in the hip joint.

Image result for pilates side kick series


The sidekick series also promotes flexibility and strength in the muscles of the upper leg—the hamstrings and the quadriceps. What’s so great about that? Studies show that a good deal of back pain actually originates in the hips.

Yep, weak hip muscles can either be strained or too tight from sitting too much or from improperly balanced exercise routines. This imbalance causes a pulling on the spine which knocks the back out of whack. This is when people experience back pain and injury.

If the imbalance is allowed to continue unchecked for long enough, it can even create enough pain and physical change in the spine to necessitate back surgery. No fun! And as far as the quadriceps and hamstrings go, you may have already guessed that if they are either too tight or grossly unbalanced in strength, they can pull the hips out of alignment which then affects the back. It’s my guess that, barring specific injury, most back issues don’t start in the back but in another part of the lower body.

Regularly practicing Pilates can naturally help your body combat these effects of overworking or underworking the muscles and help to ensure a healthy back and hips late into life.


4. Pilates Is Not the Same as Yoga

There is a misconception out there that Pilates and yoga are interchangeable. That’s understandable because they do have a lot in common. Both disciplines create flexibility and long, lean muscles. Both disciplines tend to be lower key in terms of the atmosphere in the room and the music played during a formal class. However, while yoga is primarily stretching, Pilates is stretching and strengthening at the same time.

Image result for pilates vs yoga


While there certainly are elements of yoga that also can boast this benefit, Pilates is specifically geared to both stretch and strengthen the muscles at once. Also, yoga often incorporates meditation and other spiritual practices and, in some ways, tends to be almost a lifestyle to some.

While living healthy and eating clean is certainly part of a “Pilates lifestyle”, Pilates generally does not go beyond the workout session. There is no spiritual component to Pilates. It is simply an amazing workout done in a similar setting as yoga but when you leave, you leave Pilates there.

If you choose to meditate or focus on a “higher being”, that is done aside from Pilates. This is often a confusing aspect of the yoga versus Pilates debate for religiously spiritual individuals who feel that prayer is preferable over meditation.


5. Pilates Supports the Movement of Lymph Fluid Throughout the Body


What on earth does that mean and why should you care?

What a lot of people don’t understand is that the body is constantly in a state of detoxification. Every day you are regenerating cells. In fact, within a year’s time, you have regenerated nearly all your cells so that you have, in effect, a whole new body. Pretty cool, right?

Well, a huge part of that process is detoxification. Your body has an amazing support and transport system called the lymph system. The lymph system is responsible for transporting lymph fluid throughout the body to deliver necessary nutrients.

Image result for lymph cleanse


It also is involved in collecting waste and getting it on the fast route out of the body. Many factors in our busy lives such as poor diet, dehydration (a state in which many people unknowingly live!) and stress cause congestion of the lymph system. This can lead to fatigue or disease.

One great way to keep the system running smoothly and performing it’s job as designed is Pilates! Any movement is good because the lymph system does not have a pump—it relies on your body movement to circulate fluid. Pilates has been shown to be particularly beneficial with this movement of fluid.

Image result for pilates benefits


To sum it all up, Pilates has a lot of benefits that are not well-known to the general population. If you’re like me, the more you learn about it the more you will love it.

If you decide to give it a try you will experience that firsthand. I know I have! I was able to teach Pilates well into the six month of my last pregnancy and I had a very easy, fast childbirth and recovery. I was back to my pre-pregnancy weight in record time and back to teaching within a matter of months.

Even during times of illness or periods of being too busy to dedicate as much time as I’d like to a regular workout regimen including cardio and weight training, I have consistently been very pleased with how even one Pilates session per week can maintain muscle strength and tone.

While Pilates is great as a stand-alone fitness program, it’s a fantastic complement to any other regimen. I highly recommend it and don’t think you’ll be disappointed if you give it a try!


Over to you…

What is your favorite thing about practicing Pilates?

Change Your Life On Your Lunch Break: The 30 Day Push

30 Day Push Chalene Johnson

Hey #flashers,

Welcome to my second installment of Change Your Life On Your Lunch Break. This series is about small steps you can take every day to change your life. Big changes come from making small incremental changes over time, and your lunch break just happens to be the ideal length of time to make those changes!

If you normally scarf lunch at your desk while trolling Facebook, might I suggest using that chunk of time to reinvent your life instead?

Yes 30 minutes is enough time for a reinvention!

Today, we’ll be talking about a program that I recommend to soooo many people because it’s free and it’s a game-changer and it applies to absolutely everyone (unless your goal is to live a mediocre life, then click away).

The 30 Day Push, by Chalene Johnson

Chalene Johnson is the same woman that started the TurboJam/TurboFire empire and who is a personal development personality extraordinaire. Click on over to 30daypush.com and sign up for the free 30-day series.

What this program is about is to-do lists. And before you start snoring, let me tell you that this is no ordinary to-do list-making. It’s about finding your purpose in life, using your values as your compass, and reverse engineering your big goals into small things you can do every day to reach them.

chalene johnson's 30-day push


Sounds familiar right? Kinda like the premise of this ENTIRE Change Your Life on Your Lunch Break series! Changing your life in 30 minute increments is absolutely possible. You just have to be more intentional about how you use your bits of pieces of time.

Now listen, you can actually do this entire program on your lunch breaks over the course of 30 days. The entire thing. Each day for 30 days, you’re given a very short video. Some days there’s a worksheet or a small action step you can take to implement the concepts from the video. When I am fully using this system, I get sooooooooo much more done in a day than if I just leave my days to chance.

Let me tell you, this program is completely worth it. It changed my entire thinking around big goals that I was too afraid to go after. And I refer back to this program often. Once you’ve gone through the 30-day program, you have full access to all the videos so you can repeat it as many times as you want or revisit parts that you want to give more thought to.

Click over there and get started today. There’s no reason to wait until Monday or the New Year or some other arbitrary date.

BTW, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Chalene or this program. I just love it so much and it gave me such great insight that I can’t help but share it.

Did you sign up? What are your thoughts about Day One?

Backyard Nature Notes v.2

Horicon Marsh, WI


Last weekend was a doozy of an active weekend compared to our normal ones. We were barely home. We took a trip to the mall on Saturday for some Christmas shopping and on Sunday, we took a family trip to the Horicon Marsh.

We took a walk on what was left of the trails. They’re doing some trail renovations over the marsh, so our hike was a bit disjointed, but we weren’t ruffled in the least.

Oh the things you can see there.

Like birds of all kinds, including wild swans and many different species of ducks.

Swans at Horicon Marsh

Ducks at Horicon Marsh

And of course your standard woolly bears, squirrels, bunnies and chipmunks. Along with a little possum that was much too fast for pictures. (There is a chipmunk somewhere in this picture, I swear!)


If there’s one thing in this entire world that I can teach my children, it’s to love, protect and take in all the blessings of nature.

Trails at Horicon Marsh



I always find myself saying, “Kayne, do you smell that? That’s what fall smells like” or “Whoa, look at that cool-looking fungus!” I’m teaching them to observe, to appreciate, to really take it all in. I don’t know the names of everything (yet!), but we can still appreciate them.

And this girl, my little fairy nymph. Stopping to touch, point out, collect (and sometimes taste) everything. She loves looking at all the pretties that her momma points out.


Afterward, we stopped at the McDonald’s nearby because it has toys inside. As though the trails weren’t enough to absorb all their energy, McD’s Playland did! Next door is an adorable little candy shop that we finally visited and got a little box of all.the.dark.chocolates. It was kinda symbolic of the sweet sweet day we had together, out in nature.

It’s still warm in November here in WI. We’re happily hanging onto every minute of warmth offered.

How are you getting up and out into nature this week?

Freelance Income Report October 2016

freelance income report

I always love when freelancers or bloggers share their income reports. The transparency and raw insight is so refreshing.

And although it’s a little nerve-racking to put it out there, I figured I would be transparent about my very own freelance writing income for this month since Oct was my first official month of freelance writing.

As of yesterday, I made…

drumroll please…

$1,385 on my freelance side hustle

This is in addition to my corporate job and the product of working after the kids go to bed, on weekends and on my days “off.” (If you want it bad enough, you’ll find the time!)

So, now that you have the numbers,


Let me show you how I got there:

  1. I hustled my butt off in September. The efforts that you put in the month before show up in dividends the month after. You can get the exact pitch tracker I use for keeping track of all of them here.
  2. I sent cold pitches and I applied for Problogger and  projects.
  3. I tended to my social media profiles, optimizing them for my freelance writing business. Just by updating my Twitter profile alone, I landed one of my sweetest gigs in which the client found me (and I have a full article about how I did it coming out soon, keep watch!)
  4. I stayed active in my entrepreneur Facebook groups and did a little bit of free work there to get some lucrative testimonials.
  5. I was firm on pricing. I was offered many more jobs than I actually took because I refused $0.04/word offers and $20 blog post offers. With my credentials and experience, I wouldn’t settle for those “content mill” prices.

So, that’s sort of an overview of all the work that went into getting the income streams going this month. There is soooo much more I could say about pitching and pricing and networking, but for the purposes of this article, I’ll leave it at that. Feel free to comment with questions if there’s more you want to know.

So, what have I been working on?

  • Exercise copy for a new major fitness app
  • Coffee table book about New Mexico
  • Copy about snowboard equipment
  • Small business blogs for a website design business

I love the work I’ve been commissioned with. I’ve been learning so much and writing about my passions, so things are aligning just the way I believe they were meant to.

I can’t wait to delve more and more into my health and fitness, travel and mental health niches.


The fun part?

To reward myself for all the hard work, I went on a little bit of a shopping spree on Amazon. I found the pineapple chamomile tea I can’t find anywhere anymore. I bought some more writing books, one about writing white papers and the best freelance writing resource ever. I bought two barre workout videos to improve my teaching craft. And I bought a new journaling Bible that was soooo “me” that I can’t wait to dig in to. There might have been a few other things, but they escape me right now;)


What’s next?

I put in quite a few pitches in October alongside the work I did. I’ve already turned a few offers down, but I hope that a few more amazing opportunities come out of the work I put into October.

I’m also working on a swap offer for writing in return for some web design, so there could be some website changes coming. It’s exciting to think about where this all leads.

Not bad for my first month, eh?

If you’d like, I’ll keep you posted! Let me know in the comments.


Do you like seeing freelance income reports like this? What parts of the freelance journey would you like to know more about?

Full-Body Back Porch Workout

So, I’ve been loving working out on my back porch lately on Mondays and Wednesdays, when I do my regular strength training. (Tues, Thurs and Sat are cardio/running and Fridays are Pilates/Yoga/Barre day).

I realized what an asset this natural setting is for workouts. Why work out inside when I can work out here, listening to the morning birds and crickets?


I’d also like to share the workout I did this morning with you. Feel free to pin it so you can try it out this week:


quick strength cardio circuit


I don’t have visuals of the moves, but you can easily Google them if you don’t know what they mean. I was thinking about Livestreaming parts of my workouts, so let me know in the comments if that’s something that would be helpful.

For this workout, I used 15 lb dumbbells to really burn out my muscles. And I just used the stopwatch clock on my smartphone to time the moves. The faster you go through the circuits, the more fat you’ll burn. I was dripping from head to toe after this!

Let me know in the comments: would you be interested in seeing my workouts Livestreamed?

Where is your favorite workout spot? #FlashMe your workout hideout.

I Got Published in the Huff Post

Eeeeee!!!! Yes I did!

I got published in the Huffington Post!

You’re definitely going to want to earmark this article for workout inspiration!

As a writer, this is a huge privilege and accomplishment. And let me tell you, I was totally fitness fan-girling at some of the people I got in contact with. Autumn Calabrese!!! Karena & Katrina!!! Lauren Gleisberg!!! If you’re a fitness nut, these are some of the celebrities in our world! I got well over 100 replies and selected only the best ones. And I tried to get a good variety in there as well.

I asked fitness entrepreneurs (the ones who live, breathe and eat fitness) how they would work out if they only had 30 minutes. Because if this is how they do it, then you know it must be effective!

This process completely validated the premise of my very own FlashFit workouts that I’ve been designing myself. Total-body strength training and cardio built into one 30 minute workout.

We can learn so much from some of the overarching themes I found:

  1. Do cardio intervals in between strength moves to increase calorie burn.
  2. OR shorten rest periods and move quickly from one move to the next (circuits).
  3. Target your biggest muscle groups as they’ll give you the most afterburn.
  4. Compound moves give you the most bang for your buck.
  5. Intervals are bomb.
  6. 30 minutes is more than enough time to work out every day.

So basically, to build a workout that’s the best use of your time, do one compound move followed by one minute of cardio until you reach 30 minutes. This will scorch the most fat and lean you out in the shortest time.

What do you do when you only have 30 minutes to work out?

How to Find Extra Hidden Time in Your Day

You have no time to …………[fill in the blank]

  • Work out
  • Start an online business
  • Take your kid to another extracurricular class
  • Take up knitting

It’s the biggest excuse of all time. But, if you look closer, it’s one that has all different layers of meaning.

First of all, you’ve probably heard it before, but typically the “I don’t have time excuse” really just means “it’s not a priority.” You just don’t want to come out and say that, because it’s much less confronting to say “I don’t have time to come to your home jewelry party” than “I think that party is a waste of my time.”

If exercise was actually a priority, you would find the time, just like you find the time to meet with your boss because she’s a priority. There are a million things I could get done in the mornings instead of working out, but it’s important to me to get my exercise in then, so I do it.


K, so now that we’ve got that out of the way, what if you feel like you really don’t have time? Let’s dig around a little and find some for you.

  1. Lunch breaks: you can change your life on your lunch break. 30 minute increments are enough time to make headway toward any goal in your life. Learn a language, do a workout, build your website, write a blog post (ahem!), take a course…I could go on. And in fact, changing your life on your lunch break will probably become a new feature on this blog, I love it so much. Don’t just sit at your desk scrolling through Facebook or daydreaming. Get up and hustle for your goals for those precious 30 minutes. Over time, these repeated activities are going to compound into major traction.
  2. After kids are in bed: I would never want you to sacrifice your sacred time with your family for anything. They are likely the reason you do everything you do. But there is a sweet spot right after the kids go to bed and before you go to bed that you can use to manufacture your dreams. If you sit down and do a Power Hour every night, you will be leagues ahead of everyone in a month or two.
  3. Involve the kids: some of the things you’re working on might make your time with your kids even richer. If your goal is to exercise 5 days per week, take a family bike ride or jump rope together. If you want to make more biz videos for your Youtube Channel, turn the whole thing into a learning experience by turning your kids into little producers and film crews. If they’re interested, you may even have them create their own channels and do films for them too. The entire process from getting the right lighting to editing is educational and will likely give them a huge educational advantage.
  4. TV Time: I have always said and will always say, if you have time to watch TV, you have time to change your life. Period.
  5. Waiting in the car or in lines: there are quite a few things you can do while you’re waiting in your car for school to get our or standing in line at the store. Post something inspirational to your Facebook biz group. Record an audio for your online course. Catch up on some self development reading. Get out of your car and do a HIIT interval. Do deep breathing meditation. Use those few minutes to really LIVE those moments instead of passively letting them slip away.
  6. Commute: I would never recommend anything dangerous, but you can certainly get things done while driving, like listening to self-development podcasts or sermons. If you’re not the one driving, you can certainly do all kinds of things like knitting projects, sketching designs, reading, learning a new skill, etc.
  7. Find 10 minutes here and there: Even if you can’t string an entire half hour together to squeeze in a workout, you should certainly be able to find three 10-minute segments to give you just as good of results. You can easily do all kinds of social media work in 10 minutes or comment on 3-4 blogs to build relationships. You could write an introduction to the book you’re going to write and then write a paragraph here and there. If you want something bad enough, you will use these little time segments to your full advantage!!!

So, come on, be honest, there are times throughout your day when you are truly just sort of puttering about, aren’t there? If you are really serious about your goals, you will reclaim that time for your own self-advancement.

But hey, if your kid really doesn’t want to go to annnnnnother club meeting, no one’s going to stop you if you say “We don’t have time for that.” But if you tell me, “I don’t have time to work out,” I will likely raise my brow, signaling that I’m reading right through that.


Where do you think you could harvest some time for your goals?

Review of Unprocess Your Diet by Natalie Jill

I was chosen out of hundreds of people to be part of the Launch Team for Natalie Jill’s book, 7 Day Jumpstart, Unprocess Your Diet. What that entailed was being given an exclusive draft of the book before it was even published to review–it comes out in May!!! Then, we were encouraged to share about the book on social media, however we saw fit. Natalie Jill herself popped in our secret Facebook Group for live chats, which was really neat. So, there were some cool perks to being part of the exclusive team.


Natalie Jill 7 Day Jumpstart Unprocess Your Diet Review

Book Synopsis: Natalie Jill has her own unique approach to clean eating. (Someone in our group even pointed out that the term “unprocessed” versus “clean” had much more wholesome implications and is much more clear. “Clean” can be a troublesome, polarizing term for someone with a previous eating disorder.) She makes it so easy to eat real actual food in just one week by completely laying it all out there for you with shopping lists and recipes. But, there are substitutions for everything, so you will never have to eat food you don’t like. And there are way more than 7 days’ worth of recipes. Natalie is gluten-free, but you don’t have to have gluten sensitivities to appreciate this book. It’s about avoiding as much processing as possible.

What I love about the book:

  • I love Natalie’s story, she just printed an e-book on a whim using pics from her iPhone and built an entire fitness business from there. She went from broke single mom to successful entrepreneur.
  • You don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy the book. In fact, I learned something from the book that I never knew before. Food in its most natural state is already gluten-free. Gluten is something that is added somewhere in processing.
  • I love the approach of this book. It’s a little easier to “dabble” and slowly emerge into clean eating with this book by trying it out and learning to appreciate clean eating and why you’d ever want to try it in the first place.
  • Even if you’ve purchased her 7-day or 4-week Jumpstart programs, you will still get so much out of this book. There are completely new recipes and completely expanded upon information. I already own her 4-week jumpstart and this book has so much more to it, more detailed explanations, more backstory, more testimonials, more food choices, just more.
  • It’s not about just eating strict for 7 days to lose a bunch of weight and then quitting. It’s about starting with just 7 days to completely revamp your diet, see how you feel, and test out the waters. It’s like she’s asking, if you just give me 7 days, I will give you this: a whole new way to approach eating, a whole new energy level, a few less pounds, and a more natural as-God-made-it diet. The title may sound like it’s a quick fix crash diet, but it is soooo NOT!

I would put this book on my shelf right next to The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno! It’s not quite as comprehensive, but that’s why I like it! It’s approachable for a newcomer.

You can pre-order your book on Amazon. Just click the link below! Show Natalie Jill some love and support as she publishes her first book!!! Her goal is to try to get on the New York Times Bestseller List, and you have to sell a certain number of books in the first few weeks to make the list, so time is of the essence!


I’ll be back tomorrow to share a recipe or two from the book. These are recipes you can’t get your hands on yet!!!



PS: You should also follow Natalie Jill and Unprocess Your Diet on Instagram because she posts very motivating content, clean recipes and workout vids, mostly using just your bodyweight. I’ve been a fan for a long time!

PPS: I am not affiliated with the book or Natalie Jill in any way, I’m just doing this because I loved the book and figured it deserved a good review, especially after being gifted a pre-sale copy for free. I am an Amazon affiliate however.