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My favorite fitness tool: ripped magazine pages

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Let me introduce you to one of my favorite collections from my house. It’s not the run-of-the-mill collection. If fact, I don’t know anyone else who collects ripped magazine pages like I do. But I do. Oh, do I.


People, I could practically make an encyclopedia out of these (maybe there’s already an app for that). I’m not normally predisposed to hoarding, except when it comes to magazine workouts. Ok, ok…and workout videos. But you see, the workouts only fill up two file folder envelopes, so don’t call the A&E network on me, ok?

I have been a loyal subscriber to SELF magazine for at least 10 years and Shape magazine for almost as long. Each fitness mag has at least two workouts printed in it each month. That adds up to zero boredom for me!


I love that I have a mix of everything, from cardio to strength. I have workouts for specific body parts and equipment–whatever I’m in the mood for. I have capoiera, yoga, pilates, prenatal and all other different forms of exercise. Some are appropriate to do in front of the big windows at the gym. Some I will only do in my own home. Haha! And I never have to do the same one twice, which is a priority on my list.


And I love to give copies out to friends. Most recently, I made copies of all my prenatal workouts for a pregnant friend. I’ve tried to pare back the bulk of these folders, but…I just can’t. These pulled workouts are such a crucial part of my fitness happiness. Many of these workouts are available on the magazine websites for free. If you don’t already use these valuable, readily-available resources for getting fit, start today!

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