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GlassesShop.com Review

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Check out these fun glasses I was given to review for GlassesShop.com, my first sponsored post, y’all. I feel legit now! These nerd glasses are totally not something I would have normally chosen. The glasses frames I usually choose are small, oval, and gold but I loved breaking out of my 20-something-year rut with these!

Seventh grade is when my eyes started breaking down and I’m pretty sure I’ve had almost the same gold, oval frame type since then. These are growing on me.


nerd glasses from glassesshop


My eyes are really bad. Like really, really bad. So I was worried about how these might show up looking like cork bottles. But they weren’t at all! They were a decent thickness. And I’m totally vibe-ing on the nerd glasses look.

I thought this was a nice thoughtful touch: each pair is packaged inside this hard plastic case with a nonabrasive cleaning cloth. Sweet!


prescription glasses from glassesshop.com

Here’s an up-close shot. Mwahaha. They’re dark green on the top and purple underneath.

glassesshop.com glasses
Nerd Glasses from GlassesShop.com

I was just about to order from Zenni when these popped up in my inbox. Perfect timing!

After testing them out, here’s the scoop:


You can check out the reviews, but mine came with the right prescription and were just fine. Everything from shipping to finishing this post was smooth, working with them.

These glasses are super cheap. Ok, you might get what you pay for, but if you only wear glasses before bed and on Saturdays when you don’t leave the house, then these are absolutely perfect. It’s the perfect solution to not having to buy a stupid expensive pair at the eye doctor’s.

The glasses stay perched pretty nicely during my workouts so far too!



Their “try on” feature, where you upload a selfie and virtually try the glasses on, doesn’t work on their website. Zenni has one and it works great. It might be a little too fun.

The glasses I chose give me that little tension headache behind the ears. They’re not uncomfortable to wear in general, but my head must just not be used to them yet.

Again, you get what you pay for. They’re not super quality glasses, but they’re perfect for what I need them for. And cute!


Here’s a fun little incentive for you if you want to try some new glassesshop.com:

Just for you readers, you can get a 50% discount on prescription sunglasses or regular glasses by using the code GSHOT50 at checkout. If you buy a pair, #FlashMe your specs on social. #flashion



Just for fun, here’s a cool picture of a lone rain cloud we went past on Tuesday. It was like a cartoon! You can see the sky is perfectly blue and sunny all around it. Mother Nature, you’re so complicated.


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