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DIY Zumba Belt

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I love the idea of Zumba belts. I love the idea of wearing jingly Zumba belts for other dance programs too.


DIY Zumba Belt

I also have a stack of silk scarves that I’ve collected from thrift stores over the years. They’re usually something like 50 cents, so it’s hard to resist their ornate designs. Problem is, it’s hard to know what to do with them. I’ve seen neat curtains and skirts made out of them, but that’s about it.

Well, you marry your love of Zumba belts and your love of thrifted silk scarves, and you’ve got yourself an upcycled dancing belt!!!



  • Silk scarf
  • Elastic or cord
  • Thread and needle
  • Small jingle bells
  • Other embellishments

DIY Zumba Belt Supplies


Check to see if the scarf can be tied around your waist at the corners.

If not, you will need to sew on elastic or some type of cord that is long enough to tie around your waist.

Fold your scarf in half, corner to corner. Figure out where you want your cord.

Zumba belt instructions

Sew the cord to your scarf at 1″ intervals or so, using just a basic stitch to hold it in place.

Zumba Belt Waist Tie

Lay your jingle bells and other embellishments out on your scarf and once you’ve found an arrangement you like, sew the bells in place. Feel free to make it as embellished or simple as you’d like. It’s important to personalize it to your own taste.

DIY Zumba belt embellishments

Try it on to make sure it fits!



DIY Zumba belt finished

That’s it! Your very own, one-of-a-kind, ornate Zumba belt.

If you make one, I’d love to see it! Comment with a link!

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