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Weekly Workout Rundown

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  • 30 min AM run, 2.58 miles
  • 50 min AM arms and legs
  • 30 min moderate walk at lunch
  • 40 min AM chest and abs
  • 25 min run at lunch
  • 30 min moderate walk at lunch
  • 30 min PM shoulders
  • 35 min PM barefoot run, 2 miles
  • Rest
  • 55 min back/delts and legs
  • Rest
Well well well, I made it to Phase 3 of the LiveFit Series. This past week was a little tough in the motivation department, but I think that’s going to go away in Phase 3, because I think Phase 3 is my favorite phase. Monday, I skipped my strength workout in the morning. I couldn’t get up Monday morning and the thought of strength training after work was absolutely not happening. Sometimes, you just have to listen to your body. I made up for it on Tuesday by super-setting Monday’s and Tuesday’s workouts together. Friday, I had another weak day and made up for it on Saturday, the same way, by fusing Friday and Saturday’s workouts together in super sets. However, I didn’t get in my Saturday cardio. I got on the treadmill and my body felt weak and strange, and I didn’t want to push it past the brink. I have the strongest self-motivation and willpower ever, so I knew that it was my body and not my head talking.
On Thursday, I took a barefoot run on my treadmill. I tend to run on the balls of my feet when I’m doing that, but I was still running strong after 2 miles. I never did get the courage to try barefoot running outside this summer. Barefoot running on the treadmill will probably be as close as I get for now. I have to admit, I was a teeny bit motivated to go barefoot running because I didn’t feel like digging out socks and shoes. #TrueConfession
I am so pumped about Phase 3 of the LiveFit Series. I did the first workout this morning and love it. Phase 3 is about pairing up strength and cardio intervals. For example, you’ll follow squats with squat jumps and calf raises with jump roping. I’ve always gotten results from this kind of programming so I’m really loving this. The countdown to the end begins! I’m so glad I made it this far.
What about you? Have you ever felt so completely bone dry during your workouts that you’ve had to throw in the towel?
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