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Tone It Up Bikini Series Printable: Meal Planner

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Just when I was about to plan my meals and grocery list for next week, I thought, duh, I should make TIU-themed a printable for that. So I did. It has a meal breakdown, based on the TIU Nutrition Plan, and a shopping list section. Print a new copy each week. After all, being prepared is one of the most crucial steps toward being successful in this fun health series.

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Check out the other TIU Bikini Series printables I’ve designed too. Let me know how these are helping you get organized and assisting you in leading a healthier lifestyle for these next 8 weeks.

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Ultimate Tone It Up Bikini Series Printable

If you have any other ideas for me or a printable you’re dying to have, let me know in the comments section and I’ll see what I can whip up. Also, if you wouldn’t mind taking a second to follow me on Bloglovin or via email, I would be ever-so-grateful. Sign up for either one on the sidebar to follow along with all my updates. I just might have more printables coming your way. I love hearing from you!

Don’t know what the Bikini Series is? Check out what it’s all about right here. Prepare to make the best decision of your life. These girls are amazing.

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