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Today’s Gratitude List

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My inbox has been teeming with advice about daily gratitude lists from some of the health and fitness newsletters I subscribe to. Everything I’ve been reading lately stresses the importance of gratefulness on emotional, relational, and spiritual wellbeing. I’m taking it as a sign. Here’s a list of things I’m exceptionally grateful for today:

1. A hubby who went hog-wild and got everything on his to-do list done. Aside from that, he made some truly decadent cookies. He even worked on potty training all day. Who is this guy?

2. Sunshine has been out and even makes the car nice and cozy warm.

3. Preparing for a party on Saturday has got me cleaning nooks and crannies in my home that don’t get much attention. It actually feels quite refreshing.

4. Getting tickets for my mommy and me to see a play. I’m itching for a little theatrical diversion.

5. The truly uninhibited facial expressions a little two-year-old will make.

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