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The Sketchbook Project

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I am so excited to have found The Sketchbook Project during a recent bout of Internet “research.” Ok ok, you caught me. I was in the market to buy a real artist’s sketchbook and came across this cool new project to engulf myself in. You see, you get a sketchbook, fill it up with artwork and send it back in. Then, your art goes on a tour of the country. When the art tour is finished, the sketchbooks find a permanent home in the Brooklyn Art Library. They can be checked out like regular library books and the artist can keep track of how many times their book is viewed or “checked out.”

I chose “make mine a double” as my theme. Although today I see that “Happy Thoughts” has been added as a theme, and that would’ve been downright perfect. Oh well. I’ve already done a brainstorm of doubles and hope to turn those ideas into wonderful works of art.

As I’ve stated before, I have this abundance of creative energy building up inside of me and am in dire need of an expressive outlet for it. So thank the stars, it’s in the mail.


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