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The Great Remote Search

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I’m not the lazy type that searches the entire house for the remote just to change the TV channels from the couch. Oh no. But for the past two days I’ve been in a real bind. I’ve wanted to work out to several different fitness DVDs, but I can’t find the DVD remote. The actual box itself can only do so much. What about when I want to get to the third workout on that Turbo Jam DVD? I. just. can’t. get to it! Ugh.

However, this did force me to pull out my old bundle of ripped-out magazine workouts and put them to darn good use. You should see the stack I have. You know those file envelopes with like 8 file dividers? I have two of those jam-packed about 2-inches thick with every type of workout you can think of from capoeira to back-to-the-80s leg warmer workouts to tae bo, you name it! And I always have good intentions of using them (otherwise I wouldn’t horde them so), but somehow I just don’t.

It’s much easier for me to throw in a DVD and capitalize on the Chalene-style energy. Almost like I’m working out with someone else or in a class setting. I take less breaks and pump a whole lot harder. Those DVDs keep me a whole lot more accountable than a piece of paper I have to stop and read. But I did use the paper this time. And I liked it. Especially with my own music cranked up and the boys out of the house.

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