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Taking Stock

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Today is my birthday and there’s no better day to take stock of your life than on the very day it began.

Although I’m edging closer and closer to 30, and my husband has pointed out some wrinkles beneath my eyes (thanks dear), I know I have a whole lot more to offer this planet in oncoming years.

Since it’s my birthday and I can do whatever I want, I want to make sure I spend the whole year indulging in things that I truly do want. I don’t want the majority of my life to be spent focusing on things that don’t matter. I received a completely fitting birthday email from my favorite website, sparkpeople.com, that said “what matters most in life is often viewed as peripheral to the things we usually focus on” and that’s just not right. We all have to work and we all have responsibilities, but that does not mean we should direct all our energy towards meaningless dust.

Even when we’re at work, we can indulge in our favorite music on headphones, we can surround ourselves with fragrant flowers, and we can use our breaks to participate in our passions. Even when we’re commuting in heavy traffic, we can listen to our favorite audio books. Even when we’re waiting in a long line, we can take those moments to visualize our dream vacations or plot our Great American Novels.

This year will be the year I participate only in things that nourish my body and soul. Even formidable trips to the dentist have their place in whole-body wellbeing. And sweeping the kitchen provides a renewed, purified caccoon for my family and me. (After all, a clean room is much more relaxing to me). But also squeezing in lunches with friends, cultural activities and trips. Nourishing the body and soul not only involves doing things we’re passionate about, but also acknowledging the nourishing aspects of the events that at first seem obstructive to our wellbeing.

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