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Kids’ Entrepreneur Series: Nature Necklaces

Nature necklace glass vials


My little buddy has the entrepreneur bug in him.

He’s always talking about what he can do or sell to earn money so he can accomplish his goals (i.e. buy toys, hehe).

And as my role as his momma and guide, I want to nurture the little business man in him.

So, we’ve been slowly working on projects so that he can earn some extra money.

Since we have a craft fair coming up at my workplace, we hustled our little buns off to get some inventory built up. A lot of people get their Christmas shopping done here. It’s perfect timing to get our little hustle on and get to selling!

So, what are we going to be selling at the craft fair?

Nature necklaces!

Now, we’ve done two batches of these necklaces. The first was with real monarch wings that we’ve been collecting over the course of the summer. I will come back in a few days to show you how we made them. The hardest part is finding the wings!



The second is little glass vials and bulbs that we filled with little bits and pieces of nature. We took a walk around the yard and collected little tiny seeds and flowers and things that would fit inside these itsy bitsy little vials. We also had a set of bigger glass vials that we filled with treasures.

Btw, You can watch our Periscope about these necklaces here. (Subscribe to see this series unfold before your eyes).


These fun mini vial kits are available at Hobby Lobby:


All the pretty fall things to stick inside:


Other ideas for what you could put inside the vials:

  • Calming or invigorating aromatherapy blends
  • Tiny scrolls with messages, poems or scripture
  • Sand/soil from places you’ve traveled: I brought back volcanic ash from Costa Rica in two of mine.
  • Charms with special meaning
  • A lock of hair from your child’s first haircut
  • Lace from your grandmother’s wedding dress
  • Bark from a tree at your childhood home


So, all we did was place the pretty nature bits inside and plug them with the included cork. Then we used jump rings to attach the eye hooks to the necklaces.




Annnnnnd, the final product:




I hope that whoever buys these feels the heart we put into them and that they offer the wearer a little connection to our heavenly slice of earth (if I don’t keep them all for myself;)


Well, stay tuned for more from my kids entrepreneur series to see how we did at the craft fair and what else we might be making. I have a few more things I’m planning on doing with my son as part of the money-making process including budgeting, giving back and goal setting as well.

We also have a few more projects up our sleeves: cool things to sell that kids can make and people will actually want. Because that’s all part of the business process too, right? Creating products that people actually want. I’ll be sure to share what we come up with.


Did your parents ever help you start up a “side business” when you were a kid? Have you ever tried to help your own children with this?