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Summer Mission List

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I’ve been trying to formulate a last-stretch-of-summer mission list for Peanut and me to complete to really get the full experience of summer before it’s gone again. Mostly I’m looking for free or very low cost experiences that still provide enough of an impact to form special memories. I think that the Advent calendar should carry over into other parts of the year, don’t you? It’s too easy to be distracted by the little parts of daily life that sometimes keep us from enjoying the season. These little Missions give us a chance to be completely intentional about our time and productivity, ensuring that we don’t just let time pass, but we take control of our time and make it the best we can make it.

These are just some of the things I’ve been dreaming about:

1. Painting sticks
2. Taking a photography tour
3. Identify some local birds
4. Trip to The Well ice cream shop
5. Trampoline fun
6. Baseball at the park
7. Camp in the backyard
8. Watch the airplanes from the kids’ “tower” during EAA
9. Using twigs to write letters
10. Make popsicles
11. Try disc golf
12. Go to an outdoor concert
13. Have a picnic in a new park

This weekend we head out for Mackinac Island, Michigan. I can’t wait to visit this location that is purported to be like being transported to a whole different locale. White sandy beaches, local fudge shops, indoor water parks, sand dunes, horseback riding… Oh I just can’t wait. We’ve been doing quite well for traveling this summer, and it’s been doing well for us. Can’t wait to stop back in here and give you guys some snapshots of what we’re up to.

Enjoy your week!

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