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Six Great Fitness Articles This Week

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I stumbled upon some great reads this week that were far more than worth sharing, they’re worth practicing! Grab your pumpkin spice latte and have a read in between trick or treaters:

1. 25 Ways to Learn to Love Running
2. Top 10 Sources of Protein
3. 5 Global Fitness Secrets to Steal
4. Proper Running Form 101
5. 26 Reasons Not to Run a Marathon (a good follow-up to my popular article, It’s Ok to be a Runner and Not Race).
6. Marathons Can Damage the Heart of Less Fit Runners (I keep seeing this report pop up all over the internets, a nice follow-up to the above)


***P.S. I had to come back and share an amazing workout site I just found with tons of free workout videos: Fitness Blender. You’re welcome! 🙂

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