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Review of Unprocess Your Diet by Natalie Jill

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I was chosen out of hundreds of people to be part of the Launch Team for Natalie Jill’s book, 7 Day Jumpstart, Unprocess Your Diet. What that entailed was being given an exclusive draft of the book before it was even published to review–it comes out in May!!! Then, we were encouraged to share about the book on social media, however we saw fit. Natalie Jill herself popped in our secret Facebook Group for live chats, which was really neat. So, there were some cool perks to being part of the exclusive team.


Natalie Jill 7 Day Jumpstart Unprocess Your Diet Review

Book Synopsis: Natalie Jill has her own unique approach to clean eating. (Someone in our group even pointed out that the term “unprocessed” versus “clean” had much more wholesome implications and is much more clear. “Clean” can be a troublesome, polarizing term for someone with a previous eating disorder.) She makes it so easy to eat real actual food in just one week by completely laying it all out there for you with shopping lists and recipes. But, there are substitutions for everything, so you will never have to eat food you don’t like. And there are way more than 7 days’ worth of recipes. Natalie is gluten-free, but you don’t have to have gluten sensitivities to appreciate this book. It’s about avoiding as much processing as possible.

What I love about the book:

  • I love Natalie’s story, she just printed an e-book on a whim using pics from her iPhone and built an entire fitness business from there. She went from broke single mom to successful entrepreneur.
  • You don’t have to be gluten-free to enjoy the book. In fact, I learned something from the book that I never knew before. Food in its most natural state is already gluten-free. Gluten is something that is added somewhere in processing.
  • I love the approach of this book. It’s a little easier to “dabble” and slowly emerge into clean eating with this book by trying it out and learning to appreciate clean eating and why you’d ever want to try it in the first place.
  • Even if you’ve purchased her 7-day or 4-week Jumpstart programs, you will still get so much out of this book. There are completely new recipes and completely expanded upon information. I already own her 4-week jumpstart and this book has so much more to it, more detailed explanations, more backstory, more testimonials, more food choices, just more.
  • It’s not about just eating strict for 7 days to lose a bunch of weight and then quitting. It’s about starting with just 7 days to completely revamp your diet, see how you feel, and test out the waters. It’s like she’s asking, if you just give me 7 days, I will give you this: a whole new way to approach eating, a whole new energy level, a few less pounds, and a more natural as-God-made-it diet. The title may sound like it’s a quick fix crash diet, but it is soooo NOT!

I would put this book on my shelf right next to The Eat Clean Diet by Tosca Reno! It’s not quite as comprehensive, but that’s why I like it! It’s approachable for a newcomer.

You can pre-order your book on Amazon. Just click the link below! Show Natalie Jill some love and support as she publishes her first book!!! Her goal is to try to get on the New York Times Bestseller List, and you have to sell a certain number of books in the first few weeks to make the list, so time is of the essence!


I’ll be back tomorrow to share a recipe or two from the book. These are recipes you can’t get your hands on yet!!!



PS: You should also follow Natalie Jill and Unprocess Your Diet on Instagram because she posts very motivating content, clean recipes and workout vids, mostly using just your bodyweight. I’ve been a fan for a long time!

PPS: I am not affiliated with the book or Natalie Jill in any way, I’m just doing this because I loved the book and figured it deserved a good review, especially after being gifted a pre-sale copy for free. I am an Amazon affiliate however.

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