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Post-Workout Shower

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I have an odd conundrum that has to do with the post-workout shower. Ok, I admit I have gone places after a sweaty workout. I try to keep this social snafu to a minimum, but I assure you I never go to bed without a full lather-off. So, what do you do the next morning when your hair is all crazy kinked but you’re still shower fresh? I know a lot of people who will take another shower in the morning. I have done that too, especially in the sticky summer heat, but it seems like such a waste–of water and extra time. They do tell you to even skip a day of showering for the benefit of your hair and skin moisture levels, which I just won’t do. But double showering must do a real number on oil production.

So, if I take a shower in the morning and another shower post-workout that same day and don’t take one the following morning, I still come out with my socially-acceptable one shower a day. Whew, at least I can keep my social standing. But I still don’t know what to do about that hideous bed-head. It’s not the cute Jennifer Aniston-esque-beach-wave-bed-head. It’s the three-year-old-girl-after-a-day-of-craziness type.

Anyhow, so far, the only remedies I’ve come up with are clips to pin my hair back. It also helps if I wear a hat on my walk to work to flatten some of the bumps. Otherwise, cute pixie pigtails or a headband seem to do the trick. My hair’s too short right now to resort to the oft-used ponytail. I may have to grow it out just for that reason. But then I’m afraid I’ll get lazy and use the ponytail solution every day again like I’ve done before.

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