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Paper Airplanes and Map Bunting Banner DIY

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This travel-themed banner was created for a male in my department at work. I didn’t want to use any of my girly frilly banners for him, of course. I wanted to make something a little more fitting. So, I came up with the map bunting and paper airplane banner.

The paper airplanes were created from scrapbook paper that I already had on-hand. Here’s how I made them, but really you could fold them however you like:

Cut out a rectangular piece of paper. I think this was about 2×3.

 photo P5120635.jpg
Fold the paper in half with the pretty patterned side on the inside.

 photo P5120636.jpg
Fold one corner back, flush with the folded side.
 photo P5120637.jpg
Do the same with the other side:
 photo P5120638.jpg
Now, fold that same side of the paper down again on both sides:

 photo P5120639.jpg
Here’s your airplane. Make a bunch of them until you have enough to form a small air force.
 photo P5120640.jpg

Use your string of choice for the banner. Just glue the open center of the airplane around the string. Elmer’s works fine.

Paper Airplane photo P5120634.jpg

Here’s the finished paper airplane banner:

Paper Plane Banner photo P5120632.jpg
To make the map bunting, I just cut up an old road atlas. I used some of my son’s triangle blocks as a template for the triangles. I used a stencil and a black Sharpie to color in the letters. Then I stapled the triangles to some ribbon. That’s it!
Birthday Banner photo P8120828.jpg
You put them together, and you have a unisex “Happy Birthday” banner. Pretty cute, huh?

Birthday Banner photo P8120834.jpg
Birthday Banner photo P8120835.jpg
For even more DIY banner ideas, check out the other birthday banners in this series:

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