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Our Pumpkin Patch Weekend in Pictures

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 photo 011081a1-2a58-4ed4-84d1-64da00167589_zps67ea2170.jpg

This past weekend, my amazing workplace sponsored a day at a local farm,  so we took them up on the offer. We hijacked a couple of our nephews and took our family on a short trip. It was a sunny afternoon, but a bit windy and crisp, so we didn’t linger quite as long on the activities as we usually do, but we sure made some memories:

 photo PA272169_zpsa13e5b44.jpg

There were hay rides and pony rides

 photo PA262152_zpsd0c61920.jpg

 photo PA262150_zpsdce0b5f8.jpg

Chicken and turkey catching

Boys Chicken catch photo PA262108_zps50d9860e.jpg

Amadeus Chicken Catch photo PA262106_zps63e4fbbd.jpg
Our star chicken catcher

John caught a turkey photo PA262112_zps5573bf84.jpg
And the star turkey wrestler

Cluck Cluck photo PA262159_zps4106596d.jpg
Cluck Cluck

Cow Milkin’

Kayne milking cow photo PA262156_zps15ad0255.jpg

My baby cow photo PA262148_zpsab6f0a02.jpg

Tractor Ridin’

 photo PA262145_zpsf7dc317a.jpg
 photo PA262144_zpsf2ecee8c.jpg

Tiny lovin’

 photo PA262141_zpsdcba1380.jpg
Baby bunny

 photo PA262114_zps84ade28c.jpg
Where we spend the most time: with the kittens!

3 hopped on his lap photo PA262120_zpsad3dc428.jpg
He grabbed one and two more jumped up

Kayne's kitty photo PA262125_zps881ae882.jpg

 photo PA262132_zps1605003b.jpg
Cheer up, kid!

 photo PA262122_zpsda68f6a5.jpg
The inside of the jacket is the best spot in the house

Pumpkin pickin’

Choosing just the right one photo PA262167_zpsf9c6329c.jpg
Trying to find just the right one

I found my pumpkin! photo PA262165_zps047b167f.jpg
I found mine!

 photo PA262164_zpsc5566196.jpg


Wheelbarrow ride photo PA262163_zps20147e90.jpg
Wheelbarrow ride to the pumpkin field

 photo PA272175_zpsa893a9d0.jpg

 photo PA262155_zps3bd029af.jpg

 photo PA262140_zpsa21a0eb7.jpg
The goat climbing stump

And a general concensus that we had fun

My guys hauling pumpkins photo PA272173_zpsba4538a6.jpg
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