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Life in a Northern Town Part One

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Weekend getaways are the perfect “reset” button, especially when you travel somewhere remote without WiFi. Ok, I just got a new smartphone, so WiFi is a new worldly wonder to me right now.
Our little family of 3 packed up and headed out on Friday, driving north to a city near Crivitz, WI. Let me define remote for you. A good portion of our trip exploring the area involved gravel and dirt roads flanked by endless miles of breathtaking forest. It was beaUTIful! We had been eagerly awaiting the trip, marking “x’s” on the calendar, and it was all so worthwhile.
I can’t get the song “Life in Northern Town” out of my head right about now.

Friday evening was all about investigating our surroundings. Right across the street from our lodge was a small clean lake that would be ideal for swimming in the summer. We found…
 Deer tracks along the sandy beach
 Mystical-looking mushrooms (what are these???)
 Logs for climbing
 Fields to chase each other in
Sand craters to play “house” in
Firewood for the pit
Pretty acorns with every step

 Peanut photo opportunities

Cool fall colors: moss green and tans

And a cute nearby ice cream parlor called Phat Daddy’s. The Macadamia Nut fudge sundae with fudge sauce and two cherries was belly-achingly-good!

This simple trip turned out to be one of my favorites ever! Just being in the crisp autumn air, surrounded by nature everywhere, not having any to-do list whatsoever and watching my Peanut’s eyes light up at every turn were worth everything.

Check back later in the week for Part Two of our Northern Wisconsin trip.

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