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Labor Day Weekend

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Our weekend was spent giving the last bit of summer vacation our full attention. We did a little shopping for material since I found some new patterns online for my Peanut that I want to try. I got some more weights for my dumbbells from Play it Again Sports. My heaviest weights are 15lbs, and the LiveFit Trainer is pushing me well past the 15lb threshold. 
We also had a pen tattoo party, walking around with our art for most of the day. I’m pretty sure I got that flower/sun design from my sister. Thanks J!
On Sunday, Hubster’s workplace put on a picnic at the Milwaukee Zoo where we spent most of the day. We were treated to a cookout, all the drinks we wanted, parking and two inside attractions. We did this last year too, so it will probably become a tradition.
Peanut embracing the world
Peanut and his grandpa on the train

Chilling in the picnic shelter
Feeding the goats

Sleeping S-shaped pink flamingo

Peanut even got to pet a stingray for the first time! He was terrified, but he did it.
Peanut found a feather and stuck it in his new cap.
After the zoo, we made our way to a friends’ house 
for a cookout, complete with S’mores.
Monday was spent at another family picnic followed by meal prepping for the 4-day week. My gym was actually open too, so I got to do a LiveFit workout at the gym, where it was meant to be done, without being bothered. 
We also got this sweet boy ready for his first day of Kindergarten. It was kind of a great weekend.
What did you do for your holiday weekend?

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