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Here an Art Journal, There an Art Journal

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It must be a sign that I need to keep up with this art journaling business. Even my inbox is teeming with inspiration. I love the idea of art journaling because it’s a combination of a bunch of my favorite things. I’ve never been much of a scrapbooker, but I like the idea of combining pictures with quotes, thoughts, or literature passages. There was an English teacher in high school who had everyone keep an art scrapbook for the semester and I was sooooo jealous I didn’t sign up for that session. I like the idea of keeping a diary, but not in a “dear diary” sense of spouting how your day went, but in a more messy stream-of-consciousness way. And I like the idea of keeping a scrapbook of art inspiration, doodles, ideas, intentions and self-reflection. I think you can learn a lot about yourself by discovering patterns in your work. The art journal does all of this in one pretty little place.

If you’re interested in giving this art journaling thing a shot, here’s a link to a free e-book that just came to my email: Cloth Paper Scissors: Art Journal Techniques.

Note to self: it’s about time you publish a few of your pages:)

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