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Good Healthy Eating: Summer Salad

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I decided I wanted to start playing with my food and make it fun and exciting again. With a husband who regularly makes hot dogs with mac and cheese, a girl just needs something a little, um, better. However, I’m a 5-ingredients-or-less, 15-minutes-or-less, health-conscious type of non-cook. I had a few ingredients, you know, just lying around, so I threw together this beautiful tomato salad.

Tomato Cucumber Summer Salad
I chopped up 1 carton multi-colored cherry tomatoes and cubed 1c cucumbers. I mixed in 1Tbsp feta cheese, 1 good spritz of olive oil over the top, and 2 snipped chive stems. Mix in a little black pepper, sea salt and a splash of vinegar if desired. Garnish with mint for presentation.
Did I mention that this was a pretty low-cost side dish? Almost all the ingredients came from either Aldi’s or my backyard! And the taste was so light and summer fresh. Can’t wait to make this for our next barbecue.
See the mint growing in the cracks?
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