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Getting Published Over the Weekend

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Hey #flashers,

Two of my writings were published over the weekend, no big deal. LOL. But really, I’ve been hustling and submitting my work as much as possible, and it’s paying off. I have so many ideas whirling around my head and this is giving me such a spectacular outlet for all the creativity. I am also super passionate about helping and touching people and especially spreading mental health awareness.

I just read Kat Loterzo’s Launch It e-book and I’m more fired up than ever about becoming a content machine. If you haven’t met Kat yet, you’re missing out!

Launch It!: How to Create, Launch and Market Your Information Product in 2 Weeks or Less! (Make Sh*t Happen Book 4)


So, here’s what’s brand new:

  1. 9 Things Everyone Should Know About Postpartum Depression on The Mighty.
  2. After the Drought poem on Kind Over Matter.
  3. I published my first e-book!!!!!!!!!

Please show the love:) Share these articles and drop a comment–I would be ever so grateful!

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