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Free Writer’s Resource: All Different Words for “Thing”

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Hey #flashers,

Today, I’m sharing a handy little writer’s resource with you. I have an upcoming post (and an old post) about how I use word collections like this to basically build my writing. And today, I’d like to share one of my actual word collections with you. It’s all the words you can use instead of “thing.”

Did you ever have a teacher in grade school tell you to never use the word “thing” in your writing? She probably told you that it’s lazy and that you should actually list out the “thing” you’re refer to. But sometimes, you just need to refer to “things” in general.

I use this word collection all the time at work. When I’m writing product copy about, let’s say jackets, and I want to write a line about the pockets, I could either say something like “Two side zip pockets hold all your things” OR I could say “Two side zip pockets hold all your personal necessities.” The second description is a little stronger, right?

So, I’ve made it a point to “collect” all the words that mean “thing,” so I don’t use the same words over and over and I don’t make my writing sound lazy. Because some teacher in my past told me it was.

So, I’m happy to offer you my “thing” word collection. Make sure you pin this image so you don’t forget about it when you need it:


other words for thing


I’ll be back with some more word collections like this and my framework for using them, so stay tuned. Drop your email below or in my top bar to make sure you don’t miss them.

Do you “collect” words?

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