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Fall Glass Block Decoration

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Fall Glass Block Decoration


As promised in my last post about affordable fall decorating, I bring you my DIY fall glass block decoration.

Now, I’ve seen these things popping up at craft fairs all over, but I never actually looked to see how these things were made.

Then, when I was shopping at Hobby Lobby for my fall decorations, I saw a block at the checkout counter and thought, hey I’ll just wing it. I had already bought a string of purple and black Halloween lights that were perfect for the inside. So, what the heck?


DIY Fall Glass Block Decoration

DIY Fall Glass Block Decoration

Supplies: All you need is a glass block, a string of lights, a spool of ribbon and your decorations of choice.

Step One: Thread the lights inside the hole at the bottom of the block. Stuff them inside all disorganized. If you stuff them in nicely, it won’t look as good. Fair warning.

Step Two: Follow this tutorial from Pinterest to create a pretty bow out of your ribbon. I found this adorable spool of ribbon at Dollar General. It was wired for structure and had the cutest little hipster arrow pattern on it in…copper! The color of the season.

Step Three: Attach or tie the ribbon around the glass block.

Step Four: add your decorations wherever it suits you. I found this pretty little fall flower clip for $1 at the Dollar General that I just clipped to the center of my bow.


glass block with autumn decorations


diy fall decorations


DIY fall glass block decoration

Just plug this baby in and…


This simple glass block decoration could easily be changed up for a different season. Just change out the lights and add a different decoration to the top of it!


I’d love for you to pin this tutorial and if you use it to make your own, I’d love to see what you made!

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  1. I love how easy this would be to change for different seasons. Some pretty red ribbon, or a pre-tied bow from Hobby Lobby, ’cause I’m all about saving time & there is always cute ribbon on sale. I love to decorate for the holidays, but hate ending up with BOXES & BOXES of different decorations, so I’m falling in love with ones that can be changed up!

    • It would be SUPER easy to change out the decorations. And it would be especially convenient to put white or multicolored lights in there that would match any season. Haha, our basement is FULL of boxes and boxes of decorations (mostly Christmas) already.

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