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Fall Decorating Ideas

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Fall decorating

As the leaves are changing and the mugs of hot cocoa are making their ways out of the cupboard, I’ve found myself in nesting mode. There’s just something homey about the fall season as the leaves change and warm layers come out.

Environment is one of those life areas that I’ve been building big goals around. I want to cultivate an environment around my family that is heartwarming, inviting and full of love. I especially wanted to bring all those factors into our home during this autumn season. I want my kids to feel that warmth in our home and maybe even form fond memories around the way our home felt or smelled during holidays.



Now, I’m not big on decorating (or very good at it), but I decided that putting together a welcoming fall display would be the perfect way to bring all those warm elements into our home. Then, after thinking on it, I found myself with this huge craving to go shopping for some festive fall decor.

I’m not a huge fan of skulls and bats and all the typical Halloween decorations. Plus, I wanted something more versatile that encompasses all of fall and Thanksgiving, not just Halloween, so I chose a pumpkin/leaf theme with lots of copper color thrown in.

fall decorating mantle

I started at  Joann’s because I had a gift card and coupons for there. I landed a whole bunch of decorations and only had to pay $5. I got a large light-up pumpkin, two copper candle holders with matching copper candles, a string of feathers, a string of purple and black lights, and a bag of candy corn for the counter.


copper candleholder Joanne

Then, I made my way over to Hobby Lobby. There, I found a small ceramic pumpkin, a big burlap pumpkin, a glass tile, two ornate LED candles and some coppery leaves to make a garland.


I love these glazed ceramic pumpkins!

Dollar store bottle

Dollar store glass jar and Hobby Lobby clearance LED candle

copper leaves Hobby Lobby

Garland-making TBD

Several days later I took a trip to the Dollar General for a few odds and ends and found a spool of ribbon with arrows on it ($2), two decorative fall sprigs ($1 each), a flower clip ($1) and one more burlap pumpkin ($5) that finished this perfect trio.


copper and burlap pumpkins

Burlap and copper theme. Left: Hobby Lobby, Right: Joanne’s, Back: Dollar General


These are all decorations that totally fit my style. Not too kitschy, but still sophisticated, warm and inviting.

I made the leaf garland that hangs over the fireplace a few years ago out of felt leaves and yarn, but I may switch it out for the copper leaf garland once I make it just because that fits my theme better.

I also created a glass tile decoration that I will share in a post in the next day or two. So, be on the lookout for that!

Now we have a bit of festive cheer in my house that I don’t need to change out until it’s time to decorate for Christmas!! AND I can save all these decorations for the next several years. Winning!

We love turning on all the lights at night and seeing the glow from the sitting room. It’s exactly what I was hoping for.


Do you do any fall decorating? Where do you find the best deals? Do you have strong memories tied to the decorations that your mom used?

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  1. I started to decorate my mantel for fall and then never finished it. I even bought $30 worth of fabric scraps to make a DIY tassel garland and I have yet to make it, lol. Now I’m like, do I even bother, or just wait to decorate for Christmas?! I wish so badly we had a Hobby Lobby here! Last year around this time, we visited my inlaws in Florida and I went to one for the first time ever. It was amazing and I could have spent hours and tons of money in there!

    • Eh, I think you get a pass this year. I could not muster any decorations when I was pregnant. Or maybe just get a head-start on Christmas because I’m one of those people that thinks it’s perfectly acceptable;) Oh man, Hobby Lobby is the BEST and sooo dangerous.

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