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DIY Key Peg Board Makeover

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This hodge podge of keys really bothered me, especially once I started dreaming up ways to streamline the look a little bit.


I bought a handful of these key tags and used my brand new 1-1/4″ hole punch. The circles just happened to be exactly the right size for the key tags.


I removed all the ties that the key tags came with and replaced them with some hemp ties and matching beads. I glued the 1-1/4″ circles (with a standard hole punched out) to one side of the key tag and labeled the key on the other side. Hint: use “code names” for the keys so if any unsavory intruders happen upon the pegboard, they won’t know exactly which key is for the garage and which is for the Mercedes. You know, just in case…


Here’s the finished look. I could’ve made it look a little cuter, but I was going for a cohesive, understated look here. Because I’m sure my husband wouldn’t appreciate his motorcycle keys all decked out in frilly pink ribbons with embroidery.

By the way, hubster is the one who made the pegboard itself. You’ll have to ask him about those details. He got some quality scrap wood from work, drilled holes in it for the key hangers, and stained the board dark walnut. There was probably some sanding and varnishing in there somewhere too.

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