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DIY Bleach-Painted Mantra Shirt

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As promised, I have a few Mantra projects up my sleeve that I’d like to share to bring your favorite mantra with you on your workouts. Having your goals and mantras in writing is powerful!

The first project is a bleaching painting project, adapted from this post at A Beautiful Mess.

I wanted to make a workout shirt that brought my favorite powerful words in front of me at the gym. Seeing the reflection in the mirrors provides an additional reminder to live my life with purpose. I, of course, used my personal tagline “Make it Happen.”

Bleach Painting

*A dark cotton shirt/garment you’d like to bleach
*A couple tablespoons of bleach in a disposable cup
*A piece of cardboard


*Please take the necessary precautions when working with bleach.

1. Place cardboard between the layers of your shirt so the bleach doesn’t bleed through.

Put cardboard between layers

2. Draw your words/design on the shirt in chalk first to get the placement correct.

Write your mantra in chalk

3. Dip Q-tips in bleach and follow along the chalk lines. Be careful that your Q-tips don’t drip on the T-shirt while you’re working. I worked outside right in the sun, which made the lines show up immediately, and really bright! Be careful though, because the bleach can eat right through the fabric if you let it sit too long or put too much on.

Follow chalk lines with Q-tip dipped in bleach

4. Once the design starts showing through, you can go back and fix any parts that need a fixin’.

5. You may need to handwash the shirt several times until the bleach is all washed out before putting it in your regular laundry.


That’s it! Such a cool, simple way to make any ordinary shirt your own. It’s an especially cool way to keep your workout mantra front and center.

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