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Children’s Book Inspiration

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Taking a break from all the Christmas hubbub, this is what’s inspiring me right now–vintage children’s book illustrations:

Love the geometry, colors, and beauty:
children's book page
I might save this one to frame for Easter. It’s just right, yes?
Children's book page
Children's book page
children's book page
You can’t tell from the picture, but the these ornate illustrations are printed with shiny metallic inks:Children's book page
Who wouldn’t want a rickety mansion of a treehouse like this?
children's book page
This page is currently being used as a page divider in my personal journal. In fact, it’s the first page I see, because I love looking at it:
Children's book page
A treehouse city? Yes, please.
Children's book page
Each of these books was carefully thrifted for its beautiful use of color, imaginative designs, charm and aptly-drawn childlike quality. Love love love!

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