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Children Pick up on Everything

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Those tiny people in your life pick up on everything…

That’s why I make a conscious choice to:

1. Take him with me to our polling place when we vote, to get into the habit.
2. Work out in front of him several times a week, so it’s part of his daily routine.
3. Make sure he knows there are so many things to do away from the TV, so he stays productive.
4. Introduced animals from the beginning, so they’re “no big deal.”
5. Let him “clean” and “cook” things, with supervision, so he’s well-rounded in domestic duties.
6. Read in front of and to him constantly, so he becomes a reader.
7. Stifle the swearing, so he doesn’t sound like a thug.
8. Talk about “love” so he knows what to value.
9. Celebrate the holidays in meaningful ways, so he has beautiful memories.
10. Take him outside as much as possible, so he values the Earth.
11. Make teeth brushing and dentist visits fun, so his choppers and heart stay healthy.
12. Have him pay for his own new toys from monies earned, so he achieves a sense of accomplishment.
13. Hug and squeeze him many times daily, so he understands love in tangible ways.
14. Have him say “sorry,” so he knows when to apologize.
15. Dance around in his underwear, so he doesn’t take everything too seriously.

Toddler chest presses
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