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Changing Life in Increments

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I spoke in my resolution post about avoiding time-waste by filling all those random 10-minute increments in a day with meaningful activities. I’ve got to say, I’m off to a strong start:

1. This morning, while watching the news (still productive in itself), I pulled out this gentle workout from my magazine for my new “morning warming” idea. It’s bitter cold here where I live right now. Mornings are tough when you have to force yourself out of bed into the brisk winter air. To wake up, warm up and start my day off right, I decided to implement a “morning warming” ritual. Could be tea, could be yoga, could be Dr. Oz’s 7-minute Morning Workout. But it eases me nicely into a productive winter day.

2. Each day, I try to peek at a success story or two. Right now, I’m drawn to weight loss success stories, but creative entrepreneurial business successes have been known capture me whole-heartedly. I seek them out and use them as fuel. Success stories are my favorite part of my magazines and the very reason I started working out from the very beginning. Thank you Self Magazine! I’ve even written about a few success stories here on my blog. I just read that, according to science, reading/watching about success stories can do wonders for your health. What a great way to spend 10 minutes!

3. Quality family time can be built in 10-minute increments. A jump-fest on the trampoline? Sure! You should see the smile on that boy’s face. That trampoline is keeping us all young–and releasing all this pent-up, cabin-fever rambunctiousness. Seriously, who could resist?

I’m loving this new experiment. What else could I fill those precious 10-minute spaces with?

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