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Birthday Banner DIY #2: Lace Doily Banner

The second installation in my birthday banner series is the Lace Doily Garland.

Thrift stores are littered with doilies, and they are often quite reasonably-priced. I always wondered what I could do to rescue those pretty little lace things. I would never put them under lamps or use them as coasters like in times past, but I thought they must still be good for something this day and age. Enter, the birthday garland.

I happened to find a stack of lace doilies that were all exactly the same. This works perfectly for a banner, but I think it would look neat with mis-matched ones too.


All I did was measure a piece of white thread the entire length of the banner. Simply place the doilies side-by-side to figure out how long you need the thread.

I then started at one side and folded each doily in half. Once halved, I sewed big stitches across the top. These don’t have to be perfect by any means, they should just do the job.

Continue on down the line until all doilies have been attached to the thread.

Leave extra thread on both sides to make loops for securing the banner later. I knotted mine in a loop.



Then, hang as desired. I made an actual “happy birthday” banner to go over the top using alphabet stencils and scrapbook paper, similar to my last one. I think something like this would also be pretty to use for DIY wedding decor too. Enjoy! Oh, and Save the Doilies!


Do it Cheaper: Burnt Edge Flowers


You’ve already seen them all over the interwebs: burnt edge flowers. But, do you know how to make them even more inexpensively? If there’s anything I know how to do, it’s budget crafting!

First things first, you need some sort of polyester material (satin, chiffon, etc). You could go to Hobby Lobby and pay $8 per yard. Or you could go to your local thrift shop and pay pennies per yard. How, you ask? By buying a satin robe, of course! Or a wedding dress or a polyester shirt or…


Bright Idea: This would be a great way to pass your wedding dress along to your daughters. Cut it up and make it into hairpieces and corsages for the whole wedding party!

This was the lovely polyester specimen that I found at my local thrift store. The shimmery sapphire blue color was gorgeous and the robe cost $0.75 on 1/2-off day.


Another idea: ask for fabric scraps from people you know or from people on Freecycle. I acquired some white and blue satin fabric from someone on Freecycle that was moving. Score! So really, you could make burnt edge flowers for FREE!

Next, cut the fabric into about five concentric circles. Don’t get too fussy, because once you burn ’em, they’ll be uneven anyway. The first circle should be around 4-1/2-ish inches and the last about 1-1/2-ish inches.


Take each circle and burn the outside edges by exposing the edges to a candle flame. DO NOT put the fabric directly in the flame. Start a few inches away and move closer as you feel comfortable until the fabric starts melting and curling up a bit. Melt all the way around each circle. Please be careful with the smaller circles so that you don’t burn yourself. You could even use tweezers or tongs to try to avoid getting burned.

Put the circles inside each other to create your “flower.”


The way you decide to embellishing the flower is up to you. I sewed some pearlescent beads to the center of mine. I also attached peacock feather strands to one of the flowers. Buttons, charms, it’s up to you!


Then, you can either make your flower into a lapel pin, hair pin, headband, shoe clip or other adornment by simply using a glue gun or needle and thread. I sewed a set of three burnt-edge flowers directly onto a stretchy headband. If I were to do the project over, I would have sewed all three to a single strip of felt first and then attached them to the headband. The flowers kind of pull apart and form gaps otherwise.

Burnt edge flower hairband

Another cheap trick: you can buy packages of stretchy headbands at discount or dollar stores. Check there first! I got like 10 black headbands for $2.

Now my mind is working on what to make with all that beautiful lace trim…hmmm. Any ideas?

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DIY Wedding Unity Candle

Remind me to give you the story one day of how my husband and I put together our super-budget wedding. And when I say budget, I actually mean it. Not like when Jessica Simpson says it. Anyhow, I refused to spend money on a few things that I knew for certain I could do myself. A $35 unity candle? No way!!!

A $5-or-less, 5-minute unity candle that looks less cheesy? Yes, please.

This is all you have to do. Find a little modern-day version of the dime store. The Family Dollar would probably suffice. We found this little local party wholesale store. Now, find a large white pillar candle and two tapered candles. You might even look for a nice candle stand while you’re at it. Even the dollar stores have some candle holders that would work.

Then, head to your local craft store and find some pretty lace. I picked a beautiful strand for just pennies.

Wrap the lace around the candle and hot glue in place. I wrapped two strips of lace around mine because it was so delicate. Do the same with the tapered candles.


Ta-da. Insta-unity candle without the outrageous price tag. Because I knew that the candles would only be lit for a few minutes, I wasn’t worried about burning up the lace. However, if you do plan on using the candle later, you might want to take that hazard into account.

There’s a lot more where this came from my friends:)