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Book Pages: Natural Beauty Recipes

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Some things never change, like my love of natural remedies and health aids. I was one of those kids with oatmeal and honey pore masks on my face. Uh-huh.


I picked up this vintage copy of The Complete Book of Natural Cosmetics when I was not even old enough to drive to the grocery store to buy the ingredients. And it still has a place on my bookshelf all these years later.

I knew what tinctures, concoctions, tonics and infusions were, just like a good little apothecary. However, I didn’t practice my medicine because of course my parents weren’t too keen on buying me bottle of vodka for medicinal purposes. Haha!

Here’s a little recipe we can all try:


And here are some charming vintage ink pen drawing we can all admire:
This recipe just kills me. Strain your tapioca and herb mixture through an old nylon stocking foot. What is it with vintage books and nylon stockings lately? Ha! I’m okay with recycling them for alternate uses since it’s not exactly trendy to cover your legs with them anymore. However, using old ones for tapioca straining gives me the chills a little.

What natural recipes have you used before? Beer hair rinses, anyone? I think I’m going to whip me up a batch of that apple lotion this weekend and put it in a really pretty glass apothecary jar.

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