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Book Pages: Happy Homemaker

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I love the iconic image of a homemaker–not the part about passivity, but the tender ways that she cares for her home, children and relationships. That’s still a wonderful thing, no? I really wish I could just make my bed in a way that would please a hospital caretaker. Really I do–it was even on my list of yearly resolutions to learn how to make the perfect bed. I don’t like the stuffy-ness of trying to keep a perfect house, but I do try to instill in my child the value of a clean, comfortable home.

So, when I saw this little dandy at the thrift store for like $3, I knew it was meant to be.

Originally though, it was the gorgeous imagery that endeared me to it. The Home Almanac was published in 2004, but the images look like they’re straight out of your grandma’s old issues of Good Housekeeping. They’re to die for.
If this doesn’t make you want to clean your bathroom sink, I don’t know what will. I mean, surely a little scrubbing will turn it into a Greek bath.


Every girl needs to know how to keep flowers fresh. Especially when receiving a bouquet from a suitor is a rare occurrence.


My grandma took me aside one time to show me how to properly iron clothes. It wasn’t that she thought I was incapable, it was because she had a vivid memory of her own grandmother teacher her. She wanted to pass that memory along to me. I accepted. This page reminds me of that day.


Shouldn’t we all treat our homes with such care? With our own elbow grease put into every corner, we can’t help but relish in our feeling of achievement. Plus, these youngin’s are just too darn cute. Ah, shucks.

I have a crush on this idea of backyard luminaries. And canvas party tents. Great Gatsby-style entertaining.
The words and images are almost poetic. Ah, to be poised atop chintz pillows and outdoor hammocks.
But seriously, this book from 2004 is a real charmer. It has the old-fashioned appeal with real-world modern applications. Yes, throw pillows really are a great easy way to freshen your living room with each season. From practical cleaning tips to interior design strategies, the pages are filled with everyday ideas to make a house feel like a home. If you can do it in high heels and an evening gown, you’ve probably got a leg up on the rest of us.
I noticed a comment on Amazon that someone uses this book as a standard gift for showers and housewarming events. What a precious idea!
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