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Book Pages: Childhood Favorites

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Let me introduce you to my most favorite childhood book of stories. It’s called the Bedtime Book of Two-Minute Stories. I think it was a gift, but how much do you think my parents probably enjoyed the idea of it? Sometimes at bedtime, you just want to read something without an extravagant storyline. Especially when you’re planning on going to bed right after Junior. Or you still have dishes to wash downstairs.


The book is kind of in shambles. After all, what would you expect from a book that made it through the ’80s? Actually, this is the only book that made it past the too-grown-up feelings of puberty, the makeovers of high school, and the packing for college. I had to take the book to Kinkos to get a new binding put on it (spiral), but they couldn’t do anything with the hard covers. I’m going to have to get crafty to somehow attach them.

A true piece of vintage, this book is. The pictures are simply endearing and the little rhymes so charmingly innocent.


Like who could resist this octopus? Wouldn’t he make a dynamite waiter?

I want to go to this place too:

And be friends with these charming kite-flying kids:
I have really vivid memories of this bus picture. Even now, I stop on that page and stare. Not sure what it is about the double-decker bus. But all I can think about is a bus tour in San Francisco or something. It just makes me happy.
And duh, don’t your birds always stop to picnic at the bus-top? Ha!
This cutie is a keeper. I’m sure my son will inherit the charmer at some point, but then I might have to steal it back.
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