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Birthday Boys

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Two weeks ago, my in-laws from Florida stayed with us for a week. It was so hard to see them go after my son became so close to both of them, especially his grandpa. With them being so far away, and our budget being constrained by tuition and other normal things, we don’t get to see them but maybe once a year. But we have some photos to hold us over until then. The best thing I can do for my son is to make him copies of these pictures and put together his very own picture album. We’ll go over the pictures from time to time and relive the moments so those memories don’t fade and he can hang onto that beautiful, sweet connection he had with his family.

Here he is being checked by Doctor Grandpa. We know their hearts are definitely dearly connected.

He and his grandma also shared special moments filled with teasing, goofing and laughter.

Until next time, we miss you deeply!
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