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Kat Loterzo Deserves Her Own Section

My own personal mentor, Kat Loterzo, teaches you how to journal to transform your entire life!

Kat Loterzo teaches you to launch weekly (instead of bi-annually) and gives you the framework and mindset for doing so. Why do we make these things so hard?

This woman really doesn’t mess around. Figure out how to carve out the life of your dreams and get out of your own dang way.

Recommended Writing Books

You know one of those rare books you find that just stick with you after years and years? this is it! I found this writing book when I was a teenager and hardly anything compares.

Another writing favorite with the cutest writing style and stories. This book could create a fascination with writing even in someone that hates writing.

Another gem of a writing book that drips with all the magic that writing is.

On My Personal Bookshelf

Tone it up is my favorite! I’ve been following them for at least 5 years now, doing their Bikini Series every summer and following their nutrition plan. This book captures the essence of everything they do.

I was a 12 Week Body Transformation beta tester and got this book for free. It is a really great health and fitness reference to have on your bookshelf.

This book is fascinating!!! You will never look at a simple banana or mushroom the same again! It gives a quick overview of the cancer-fighting or eyesight-boosting power that some of the most common whole foods you eat have.

This is one of the only cookbooks that survived our move. I don’t own many cookbooks, but this is a rare one that I use regularly and will keep.

Another one of the only rare cookbooks that I’ve kept in my house. Many of these healthy comfort food dishes are in our family’s regular rotation.

You know me, the biggest workout routine junkie! But this one is a bunch of different quick effective workouts so you can constantly switch up your routine. My TIU girls K&K are also featured inside.

My Hobbies

If you want to learn how to sew without all the extra fuss, just start with this book. It’s got you. Modern, fresh and low-maintenance, just how I like it.

I found this gem at a book sale we had at work. Buy one yard of pretty fabric and have at it! Also non-fussy or I wouldn’t bother sewing!

The natural momma’s guide to beauty products that don’t require obscure ingredients or an absurd number of ingredients. Aside from the practicality of it, the pictures inside probably sold me on it.

Just reading this book made me want to get up and just run 20 miles. It is fascinating! So are chia seeds, barefoot running, and Jen Shelton to me now. If you’re a runner or an aspiring runner, this is a must-read!

If you’re a nature- and God-loving human like me, this book is everything. It really goes deep into nature and spirituality. You’ll also want to grab the accompanying field guide to the right.

This field guide goes much deeper into the exercises listed in the main book. You’ll want to get both.

All-time Fave Authors!!!

I wish I could examine Vonnegut’s mind, but his books are the closest I can get. He.Just.Hits.The.Soul. Start with Cat’s Cradle and be prepared to be hooked.

This treasure I found by accident and now I buy copies for my friends. You’ll read the back cover and decide it’s not for you and then miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime, m’friends. Just buy it.

One of the only books I could read over and over again, I’ve loved it since reading it in high school. Its themes and hidden meanings captivated me and mean more to me than any Hollywood producer could ever capture.

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